vurbmoto | 5 Style Tips to Amp Up Your Program

ARAN.IO worked up a fresh piece on original style, following your passion and bringing the stoke over at vurbmoto


Show of hands: how many people know someone who trains like an animal, sucks up to every sponsor on the planet, blows out your instagram and can’t figure out why they aren’t getting the support they “deserve”? Of course it isn’t you but if this applies to someone you know, here’s 5 things you can do, right now, to land better support and quite possibly, more chicks in 2016:

GP’s, US Nationals, CMRC, he’s done them all with a smile on his face. Jimmy D brings the stoke for real.

Stop Worrying About the Next Guy
Look, there is one thing that is universally identifiable in moto from a mile away: Copycats.  It’s one thing to pay tribute to someone’s style or talk about a rider that you’re cool with – but it’s another to rip off their style and name drop like a lousy sales rep. It doesn’t do you any favors. If you’re racking your brain trying to figure out how to get sponsored, it’s starts by leveling with yourself and figuring out how to be yourself. When you have the chance to stoke someone out, take it. Maybe it’s a little kid that fell in the mud who needs help or a quick save to the EZ-UP that’s about to blow out of the Vonzipper tent. Be the kid that’s there in the clutch just because you had a chance to help… and then move on your merry way. Don’t wait for a hook up or ask them some dorky question, just say “No problem bro!” and be stoked that you stoked someone out.

Tyler Bereman has owned his style since day 1 and guess what it got him? A career.

Results Matter…Kind Of
The only person as worried about your results as you are is you. The most tangible result for any potential sponsor is to see is the result of all of your training: Your style. Right now.  If you’re in SoCal it’s Milestone MX, or the Midwest maybe it’s at Darius’ 125 Dream Race. People are connected all over the place, there’s eyeballs everywhere and style absolutely matters. Although amateur nationals bring together the best of the best, half the reason they became the “gold standards” is because it was one of the few places you could interact with your (potential) riders. Then Al Gore invented the internet.

Start a blog and be original and stop promoting yourself at every corner. Instead, stoke up one of your friends who had a killer weekend, post a video that five of your friends and at least one adult think are funny. Then blast out your sickest shots, your best results and make sure to mention your sponsors and people that hook you up. You remember them, they remember you. Simple as that.

When he broke his back, Tallon LaFountaine opted to only post a Mike Tyson clip. Doing an interview after the fight, Tyson explains, “My back… it’s broken. Spinal”. That was the only clue to Tallon’s misfortune. No hospital sob story… kid’s got true grit.

Show up to the Party Early
If you’re in a hurry, you aren’t paying attention to anything or anyone around you. Even worse, your Dad is too (and he’s an a$$h*le when he’s late). Instead, you’re hustling to get a tire changed or bug your guy manning the booth for a free tee at the same time as everyone else. At the opposite end of the spectrum, Preston Mull is the king of being early, super clutch when you need him and generally awesome. He’s the nicest kid on the planet and it’s real…that’s why people dig the AniMull. Just do not, and I repeat, DO NOT, eat his food. He’ll mess your world up, animal style.

All that mean muggin’ really don’t mean nothin’…A rare look from Mr. Mull.

Point and Shoot
Get a camera and learn how to use it. Don’t have the skrilla for a Canon 7D? Get good at shooting on your iPhone and cut your best War Machines creation. Post it to instagram, and while you’re at it, think of a cool caption to go with it. The better the caption, the more likes you’re catching. If moto doesn’t pan out, you’re halfway to a career in motocross journalism, or whatever it is you end up vibing with behind the lens.

G’d up from the feet up: Wes Williams was once, and still is (ocassionally), a racer. Camera skills > Moto skills

Start Your Day With a Plan
Here’s an example of a sh*tty plan: “I’m going to go ride when I get my bike washed and play some Alive real quick.” I started waking up at 5:30 every morning and doing exactly these steps. If you do this for 30 days, your entire world will change:

Meditate: 10 Minutes: (sit upright, breath in, breath out. repeat for 10 minutes. Done.)
Visualize:10 Minutes: (Holeshots. Perfect laps. Fat scrubs. Hot chicks. Play a mental movie in 4k, the more detail the better.)
Set Goals: 10 Minutes: In real, old school handwriting (or your phone if you have to) write down your goals for the day. What are you going to accomplish? Be specific.
Amp Up: 5 Minutes: Write down 5 things you want to be as if you are already there. I am the Loretta’s Supermini Champ. I won my qualifier this weekend. etc. Put your favorite jam on blast and repeat them back to yourself until you are sufficiently amped.
Beast Mode: 30 minutes+: You’re fired up: Go work out. Go Run. Go rip a lap on the pit bike, just get yourself moving.

Stankin’ full time on a one-two-five. What’s your excuse? #stankdogforprez

Chances are your favorite pros are doing some version of this and for good reason: It universally brings about the change you’re looking for. I’ll admit, the morning “launch sequence” is derived from this real chipper cat named Hal Elrod and his book the Miracle Morning. It’s so simple it’s stupid, but if you feel like you’re laying it all on the line and not getting where you want to be, give this a try. Worked for me.