It was the opening night of the infield rager when I realized it:  I was surrounded, that much was for sure, by spinning lights, cackling monsters and people gliding past in a sea of lights and sounds that could make Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas seem like a standard issue trip.   Belly up to the spray painted bar called FONTUCKY with a blazing round of fireball in my throat, I realized that his weird, hammered twisted family is what people know as NASCAR. The 4 day roadshow where anything goes and entrepreneurial spirit thrives to offset the liquor tab and embrace the major corporations of America as they lap the course at 184.

I came under the invitation of Vonzipper, to document the misbehavior going down on the inside of Turn 3. “Shoot a few pics of the VZ Luau, sounds easy enough”, I thought to myself, but I then I couldn’t stop. There was action all around me, the drinks kept flowing and new smiling, stammering faces were replaced by the ones I was just talking to. Late into the night I continued to snap away, for I was in the zone…totally out of my element and loving every minute of it.   Enjoy the first ever VZ Luau and if you’re in one of the,  shots, do us a solid and hashtag #vzluau #vonzipper so we can find you and deliver the proper stoke!