ALiAS Breakdown: Daytona Supercross

ALiAS Breakdown: Daytona Supercross

Touting a 70 year running history in one of the greatest motorcycle spectacles on earth, Daytona Beach bike week is an institution. And in fitting form, the Daytona Supercross brings the excitement of the week to a head, inside of the Daytona 500 oval in what is the most unique round on the entire circuit.From Superbike paddocks to it’s outdoor flair, Daytona marks a pivotal point in not only the Supercross season but the racing year on a whole. While the weather plays a huge factor, success at Daytona demonstrates a riders ability to make the switch from Supercross to Outdoo…Outdoor Supercross.  We even spotted ALiAS’ own Justin Bogle on the opposite coast mid-week, getting in laps on the Pro track at Pala Raceway (Pala, Calif) and taking advantage of heavy rains in the West for some much-needed time in the sandy chop that he’d find inside the Daytona Oval.The ALiAS Breakdown is your chance to get in an inside look behind the scenes and inside the minds of your favorite ALiAS athletes. Each and every week our team will be working to bring you all exclusive news, interviews, photos and the inside scoop you won’t find anywhere else. Get closer to the action and inside your sport like never before. 


We could tell you how gnarly it is, but the real way to experience Daytona Supercross is up-close and personal.  ALiAS photographer Ryne Swanberg was hanging on the shutter this week scoring an inside look at the mud, sands, and sheer insanity that is Daytona SX.


The GEICO Honda Pits on fleek.


This is what the final moments look like before raceday practice. Goggles set and focus locked, there is no turning back now. Like the last clicks of a roller coaster towing up a giant drop, there is no turning back…so buckle up and enjoy the ride.


After watching his teammate Justin Bogle bang bars for a hard-fought second in heat 1, RJ Hampshire unleashed a monster holeshot and logged his first victory in his professional Supercross career. (Click here to see RJ’s upset win in the Amateur ranks at Monster Cup 2013) With a four-way battle brewing behind him, Hampshire kept his eye on the prize and carried home a big heat race win for ALiAS and the GEICO Honda team.


As a racer, this is the moment you realize it’s all worth it. The work, the broken bones, sleepless nights…all are small costs for the feeling of five thousand fingers hanging over the barrier to celebrate your first win.


Week in and week out, it’s guys like Eric Groendahl and Brady Keisel that keep the ALiAS dream alive. Battling their way through the LCQ, both missed the main by less than a few seconds and a couple positions. Backed by their own support, working on their own bikes and managing their privateer programs, mad props to the guys who live and breathe the sport of motocross.


Our man Justin Bogle is on a mission. Another week on the podium and another week on the grind for the ALiAS racer. He’s in prime championship position, finding back the inner-animal of all-out aggression in exchange for calculated, consistent movements. Until he finds himself out front he won’t be satisfied, and we look forward to seeing him bring the heat next week in Indianapolis.



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