|48 Hours and Your Mom’s Camera: A Mt. Bachelor Report

It started like the opening scene to a mountain bike movie: in the predawn hours, sleepy cyclists roll out of bed to screeching alarms and pre-packed bags, signaling the anticipation of an epic ride. The sun races to greet them at the horizon line by the time they hit Interstate 5. It’s rare that any trip follows this kind of trajectory for an entire day, but for myself and my copilot, pro skater Mark Partain, this Cinderella story is packed to the brim with stoke and chance encounters from start to finish.

I left all of my video and camera gear at home in favor of a kitchen-variety arsenal: your Mom’s Nikon D40, standard issue with a 55-200 lens, and a GoPro–a camelbackable setup I didn’t have to worry about too much should I eat shit sending it down Bachelor. This camera combo has been dominating Costco end caps since the dawn of the superstore, so chances are you (or your parents) have one of these little DSLRs tucked away somewhere…

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