The ALiAS Breakdown is your chance to get in a inside look behind the scenes and inside the minds of your favorite ALiAS athletes. Each and every week our team will be working to bring you all exclusive news, interviews, photos and the inside scoop you won’t find anywhere else. Get closer to the action and inside your sport like never before. This week, we take a look at Anaheim 2, Round 3 of the Monster Energy Supercross series as well as AL highlights from the Grand Rapids Arenacross. 

Rise and Grind

Supercross is a continuous grind from Monster Cup to Las Vegas Supercross.  Week in and week out, riders, mechanics, team managers, technicians, construction crews, track workers, media personell and more migrate around the country in chase of the Supercross championship. Saturday mornings start early – it’s often in the predawn hours that the first team personell show up, and usually the time track crews are putting the final touches on their weekly masterpiece.


By 9:30am Angel Stadium was a hive of action. GEICO Honda riders Malcolm Stewart and Matt Bisceglia start their day early; And with sleeves of freshly minted gear waiting for them upon arrival. For A2, we set them up with the ALIAS A2 Kit in Navy/Orange for practice and Neon Orange / Yellow for the night show.  An ultra-clean design aesthetic and bright colors you can’t miss on the line make neons the perfect colorways for Monster Energy Supercross.

Malcolm Stewart Climbs the Ranks


Malcolm Stewart showed up to Anaheim 2 ready to do work. On the heels of a 2nd overall at Phoenix, the younger Stewart is dialing in his ascent to the top of the class. “It was a clean day from start to finish. The biggest accomplishment tonight for me was that I went straight from my heat race to qualifying for the main event” Malcolm told the GEICO team after the race.  For Stewart, finding the balance between all-out speed and a sustainable race pace for the grueling 20 lap main has been the key.  When your heart rate is pumping at 220 beats per minute with 60,000 fans cheering you on, keeping the body and the mind cool are keys to seeing it through to the checkered flag.


Tough Breaks for Matty B

“The track was insane – I went out on the track walk and checked the whoops…they were gnarly. The entire team had been busting their butts this week on whoops just like this, everyone was confident and upbeat coming into the day. Matt dialed up the intensity all week in preparation for A2 so it was a bummer to see his day cut short with a crash in practice. But that’s the secret to Supercross; Get ready because in a split second, your plans can change. Matty’s been killing whoops this size all week before most of us are eating breakfast but just like that, a weird kick and the next thing you know it’s game over for the night. Manage the lows, ride the highs.  That’s how racers start turning decent results into championship chases.” After the crash he said, “Yeah, it’s a tough deal, I’m bummed. I want to be out there racing with these guys but there’s not much I can do right now besides move forward and see what happens.”


AMSOIL Arenacross Triple Threat

It was a big weekend in Arenacross for ALiAS team riders Steven Mages and Willy Browning. The pair of Ohio KTM pilots showed up ready for Round 2 in Grand Rapids, Michigan putting ALiAS on the box with Mages pulling in a 2nd overall and Browning knocking out a 3rd.  On Arenacross, Bruce explained, “It’s cool watching the guys come up through Arenacross because it’s a totally different style of racing and makes these guys better racers moving into Supercross.  Just look at Bowers, dude is insane and definitely learned how to battle in the Arenacross ranks.”

Our man Jordon Smith has been on a mission to Supercross and under the new rules, is working his way up through the Arenacross series and carrying the torch for GEICO Honda.  Although not where he expects to finish, he found momentum late in the night, rallying for an 11th-place finish overall in the mains..  After a heat race fall he was forced to make his way into the main events through the last chance qualifier. The chaos of AX caught him on Main #1, logging a 14th but quickly rebounding in the Moto 2 and locking down a 6th place finish for 11th on the evening. “The results may not reflect it but I’m still gaining experience out here. That’s the main reason I’m out here racing right now. I want to get as much experience as I possibly can before I get my license.This weekend was a little bit better in my opinion”. With an eye on the prize, we look forward to watching Jordon’s ascent through the ranks and onto the big stage of Supercross action.

Next Week

The Monster Energy Supercross series pushes on to O.Co Stadium in Oakland, California. Bisceglia looks to rebound from a tough break at A2 while his teammate Malcolm Stewart looks to take hold of a victory that’s well within his grasp. Check back next week for the Oakland edition of the ALiAS Breakdown to find out what’s happening behind the scenes in the world of ALiAS.